Where did the time go...

Looking back over my previous blog posts, nothing since July. Pretty poor. Much of my time until the beginning of October, was taken up with Mr Scott's Best Shirt at the Bowes Museum. I'm really pleased with the final outcome, and really grateful to everyone at the Bowes who allowed the shirt to be shown above the vestibule. The whole point of the work is to throw light on the craft skills of the working class people who made the museum. Hopefully Mr Scott's Shirt will encourage visitors to look at the museum as well as the work it contains, and remember all the hard work that went into building the place. I am continuing to work on the project celebrating working class crafts people, conservators, cleaners, support staff who are often overlooked in the history of our galleries and museums.

I've added a few more images to the gallery for visitors to look at.

I'm also hoping my small contributions at street stalls, online and talking to people will help get Labour into office...

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