#Untitled 10 2019 Post 1

First day of the #Untitled10 2019. This is a very dull diagram that is no reflection (no pun intended) on the day. I will be using the Gibbs Reflective Learning Cycle to think about what happens during the residency, and what I can or will do differently as a result of my experience.

So my key learning from today is to think about imposter syndrome. Many of us experience it, and today I felt it when surrounded by 9 talented, well trained artists. I felt like the quality of my work would not stand up against the work of the other selected artists/craftspeople, and that once I start to show what I am making I will be revealed as the imposter. What is good about the experience is that it shows that I am aspiring for my work to be at least as good as the other people in the group, what is bad is that the imposter syndrome can lead to anxiety. What I did with the feelings was to acknowledge them and think about the facts. I have been selected by the panel, because they want me to be part of this prestigious project. They have faith in me, so I should trust their judgement. I could have dismissed the thoughts and feelings, but I think it is better to acknowledge them, and think about how I want to react. In the end I decided that I should stick to talking about what I know, don't pretend to know something when I don't, and that I should speak confidently about my project and the work I have done in the past. This helped, me to ground myself and make a two minute presentation about my plan, and to feel ok about what I said and how I said it. I will remember this when I come to talk about my work again, I will also use this to reflect on how I will develop the timeline for the project, as well as how I ask for the help of the team at Bowes.

Now...I need to start thinking about the people who wore the aprons....

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