I'm pleased that the 'treacle' like period is coming to an end, and I now feel like I've made some real progress with the project. Working online with groups is very different to meeting people face to face, but the workshops with the students from Greenfield Community College at Greenfield Arts has been rewarding. Work is now underway to design a unique fabric, that I will use to create a coat that celebrates the pioneer women who founded Newton Aycliffe when it was an emerging New Town. The fabric will feature elements of the student's work which we undertook over the last half-term.

I'm very grateful to the volunteers from Ushaw who have provided me with lots of little snippets and stories that I will be making into illustrated pennants for bunting that I will be making and hopefully installing at Ushaw later this year.

Mr Cordner's waistcoat is finished (bar sewing on the buttons).

I'm feeling very grateful to everyone who has helped with the project so far, and excited about making the final show.

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