Emerging from lockdown

Everyone is writing about this, so I thought I'd join the bandwagon, if only to remind myself that over 100 days has passed since we went into the (apparently) dark ages. I can't say I've had an awful time. I think all the celebrities that were popping up on every social media platform were really doing it for their own mental wellbeing, not mine. I guess if you are fed by public adulation, you go on needing public adulation...

I watched Joe Wickes workout just to see what people were on about. Really? We got excited about that? I took a peek at Michelle Visage, and appreciated how much of an act she is putting on for Rupaul. Away from the limelight she seems like a really nice woman.

I did some work, including learning how to make online workshops and videos, and I made my socially distant shirt.

Life is apparently getting back to normal. Not sure about that, no museums, no galleries, no libraries, no cinemas - oh but shops and bars are open.

I'm also waiting for the Government to announce the next 'localised' lockdown. Apparently closing the whole of Leicester is a localised lockdown. My prediction? A series of 'localised' lockdowns which effectively put the country back to where we were in March, but the English/UK Tory Government having to take no responsibility, because the outbreak is 'local'.


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